Tools and services for municipal climate protection

NRW.Energy4Climate offers municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia unbiased, independent and free initial consulting on the topics of climate protection and energy efficiency.

For this purpose, the regional agency provides information material and access to helpful online tools and ensures knowledge transfer, for example through lectures and events. The following tools are designed to help those responsible for climate protection in the local communities to advance climate protection measures:


Climate protection planner

The climate protection planner is internet-based software by the municipal network association Climate Alliance to monitor municipal greenhouse gas emissions. Using the programme, municipalities can calculate their energy and greenhouse gas balances according to the BISKO methodology, a standardised balancing procedure throughout Germany. Input parameters include energy consumption in municipal properties, electricity and natural gas consumption by residents and businesses as well as vehicle density, among others. The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia provides a free state licence for the climate protection planner for all NRW municipalities.


Greenhouse gas emissions play a decisive role in monitoring the respective defined climate protection measures at the municipal level. In addition to preparing balance sheets, the climate protection planner offers the option of tracking and measuring the progress of municipal climate protection activities.


The climate protection planner is managed by the regional agency NRW.Energy4Climate. The Climate Alliance association offers technical support and regular training.


Introducing an energy management system is the most cost-effective way to implement climate protection in public buildings. However, continuous data collection and monitoring is necessary to identify potential savings. Only through regular evaluation of consumption can “energy guzzlers” and deficiencies be detected and rectified in subsequent steps, for example through demand-driven systems control.


Despite the potentials mentioned above, many municipalities do not yet have the appropriate structures for effective energy management or their structures are insufficient, due to a lack of time, knowledge and resources.


With the online tool Kom.EMS (Municipal Energy Management System), they receive professional, practical and free assistance to introduce or optimise energy management.


The tool accompanies municipalities from the beginning and includes all administrative levels and instruments relevant for energy management in order to permanently save energy. Processes such as energy procurement, consumption monitoring and the operating behaviour of technical building systems are optimised for the long term by means of tried and tested working aids, checklists and a digital guide.


Districts and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia can use the Kom.EMS online tool free of charge. Additionally, external support to implement Kom.EMS is subsidised by 70 to 90 per cent within the municipal guideline.


Many measures for energy conservation or renewable energy usage are promoted by the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government.

The NRW.Energy4Climate Förder.Navi offers information on the available funding programmes, including those specifically for municipalities.


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