Regional & municipal climate protection

How regional and municipal climate protection can succeed together

Cities and municipalities play a decisive role in climate protection. More than 70 per cent of global emissions are generated there, through building use and transport infrastructure, among other things. At the same time, it is local authorities who initiate, approve and implement specific projects, for example in the areas of transport, expanding renewable energy, the energy transition and the building sector.

North Rhine-Westphalia has 396 cities and municipalities and 31 districts, giving it plenty of room to shape climate protection at the local level. NRW.Energy4Climate is a supporting partner for municipalities and helps to ensure that climate protection measures are successfully implemented in each city, municipality and district. The regional agency and the municipalities in NRW are working together to create suitable conditions for municipal climate protection while also breaking down existing barriers in the field. The goal is to strengthen local climate protection efforts, thereby reducing emissions more quickly in the areas that can be influenced by local government and politics. In doing so, the cross-sectional task of climate protection is to be incorporated as a guideline for a comprehensive municipal transformation process.


NRW.Energy4Climate further develops existing support services

The services provided by NRW.Energy4Climate build on the broad range of advisory services for municipalities offered by EnergyAgency.NRW, which was active until the end of 2021. From Bielefeld to South Westphalia, Cologne and Bonn to Aachen: NRW.ClimateNetworkers continue to support municipalities in carrying out climate protection campaigns for citizens. Furthermore, the regional agency offers internet-based software to calculate municipal energy and CO2 balances. It also monitors climate protection measures that have already been implemented and supports municipal energy management. Tools such as the Förder.Navi and the wind turbine planning assistant continue to drive the energy transition and climate protection forward at the municipal level.


Regional agency is also a point of contact for the business community

Not only can municipalities count on NRW.Energy4Climate as a point of contact for climate protection – local businesses and trades can, too. A major advantage is that the municipal climate protection division can pass on expertise quickly by drawing on the technical know-how of the other divisions of the regional agency, such as energy management, heat and buildings or mobility.


Cooperation with external service providers strengthens climate protection

External service providers also provide support to cope with the diverse tasks in the future, especially in the construction phase. This can be seen in the areas of photovoltaic expansion, low-emission mobility and urban energy solutions. These support services include activities such as the “ALTBAUNEU” initiative, the “100 Climate Protection Settlements” project and the award for energy-efficient non-residential buildings.


NRW.ClimateNetworkers shape decentralised municipal climate protection

The NRW.ClimateNetworkers are distributed throughout NRW and act as central contacts for climate protection and energy efficiency for municipalities, companies and citizens in the regions. They advance climate protection projects and communication starting from central locations. They also act as a networking centre, bringing together district, state and regional partners.


The NRW.ClimateNetworkers


  • are rooted in and possess strong networks in “their” region
  • provide information on third-party advisory services and funding programmes
  • provide know-how, speakers and experts
  • build local networks
  • support the initiation and monitoring of local climate protection projects
  • help organise and execute events
  • relay knowledge by identifying and communicating best-practice projects
  • support public relations work

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Christian Tögel

Director of Regional and Municipal Climate Protection

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Municipal Climate Protection
Portrait der Klimaschutzmanagerin Carolin Märker. Im Hintergrund sind eine große Glasfront sowie zwei dunkelgrüne Sofas zu sehen.

Dr Carolin Märker

Specialist Municipal Climate Protection

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Portrait der Klimaschutzmanagerin Maria Pantiou vor einer Glasfront.

Maria Pantiou

Specialist Municipal Climate Protection

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Ilka Schmidtmann

Specialist Municipal Climate Protection

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Alina Schröder

Project Manager KlikKS

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Mirco Sieg

Specialist Municipal Climate Protection

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Marco Elbin

Student Trainee Municipal Climate Protection

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For general enquiries on the topic of municipal climate protection, please also contact:

Regional Climate Protection

Carsten Seidel

NRW Climate Networkers Coordinator

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Thore Müller

NRW Climate Networker Ruhr Metropolis Region

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Petra Schepsmeier

NRW Climate Networker East Westphalia Lippe Region

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