Climate education

Because climate protection starts with education.

It’s only by understanding climate change that you can grasp the far-reaching negative impact that it has on human beings, the environment and your own life. And it’s only by comprehending the issue that you are able to develop measures to combat it and actively contribute to climate protection.


Climate education is key to achieving climate goals

That’s why climate education is fundamental for a society that is committed to a more climate-friendly future. This is the only way that every single individual can change their own behaviour and really get involved in climate protection. And it’s the only way that other people will find out from their fellow human beings what it means to work together to protect the climate.


Consolidating knowledge about the climate from an early age

The people who will be most affected by climate change are our children. Because they will live longest into the future we are shaping today. That is why it’s so important to familiarise them with the topic from an early age. Why are summers warmer nowadays than they were in the past? What grows in our fields and what has travelled a long distance? How are forests, moorlands and soils connected to temperature? What do energy and climate have to do with each other? And what can I personally do to safeguard the climate? Giving young people an understanding of these issues turns them into the designers we need for the future.


NRW.Energy4Climate puts climate education into practice in nurseries and schools

That is why the state agency NRW.Energy4Climate offers schools and nurseries a range of services on the theme of climate education. A summary of these educational institutions can be found here along with materials that can be used to


  • convey the topic of energy and climate protection in a way that is appropriate for children.
  • become a KlimaKita.NRW (NRW climate-focused nursery) and show how climate action and education go hand in hand.
  • book teaching units on the topics of energy and climate protection.
  • give adolescents the opportunity to get involved themselves and to experiment.

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