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Work results of the IN4climate.NRW initiative

Approaches for a functioning Circular Economy

A circular economy can contribute to saving resources and greenhouse gas emissions. The discussion paper of the Circular Economy Working Group shows how this can be achieved.

711 MB 10.05.2022 pdf

CO2 in a climate-neutral basic materials industry

The discussion paper of the Carbon Dioxide Management Working Group, developed together with 17 partners from industry and science, summarises impulses and concrete requirements for sustainable carbon management.

1.920 MB 10.05.2022 pdf

Discussion paper on chemical plastics recycling

By analysing potentials and development perspectives, IN4climate.NRW aims to contribute to the defossilisation of the plastics processing and chemical NRW industry. Work result of the Circular Economy WG.

2.123 MB 11.05.2022 pdf