The people involved

Alongside stakeholders from the worlds of politics, industry and science

The transition to a climate-neutral and therefore competitive and sustainable industrial sector in North Rhine-Westphalia can only be managed collectively.

As a think tank and dialogue-oriented working platform, IN4climate.NRW facilitates collaboration between experts from science, the political sphere and the industrial sector.
At IN4climate.NRW, all those involved are working across sectors and beyond the limitations of individual disciplines on potential solutions and measures to achieve industrial transformation.



The initiative founded in September 2018 by North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The idea is to create a platform that stimulates a common, innovative working process with experts from NRW industrial companies, science and state government who aim establish a climate-neutral industrial sector in North Rhine-Westphalia.



The most economically powerful industrial companies in North Rhine-Westphalia and various large-scale industrial associations are participating in IN4climate.NRW. The number of partners is constantly growing: there are currently around 40 companies from various sectors of the energy-intensive industrial sector. Naturally, the more companies and associations participate, the more can be achieved. That is why IN4climate.NRW is open to all industrial companies and associations that want to take advantage of the opportunity to actively shape the transition to a climate-neutral industrial sector.


You will find an overview of the companies participating in the project here.




Alongside industry and politics, science is the third cornerstone of IN4climate.NRW. Six leading research institutes under the leadership of the Wuppertal Institute form the SCI4climate.NRW scientific centre of excellence. This group accompanies the work of the initiative from a research perspective and drives it continuously forward with studies and newly-developed approaches. As well as examining design options for making industry climate neutral, they also focus on the system challenges that face companies in the energy-intensive primary industries – not only in terms of technology and the environment but also from economic, institutional, social and infrastructural perspectives.


You can find further details about SCI4climate.NRW here.




Are you interested in entering into a partnership, would like to be involved in making industry climate neutral, and work for a company in the steel and metal, chemical, cement, limestone, glass, paper or energy sectors? 


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We currently have groups working on the following topics:



Carbon dioxide mitigation

Industrial process heat

The circular economy

The general political framework

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