The scientific centre of excellence for IN4climate.NRW

Alongside industry and politics, science is the third cornerstone of support for IN4climate.NRW. Six leading scientific institutes have formed a scientific centre of excellence called SCI4climate.NRW, which accompanies the work of the initiative from a research perspective and drives it forward.


This centre aims to scientifically examine the development and design options for a climate-neutral industrial sector and the system challenges that face companies in the energy-intensive primary industries in terms of technology and the environment and from economic, institutional, social and infrastructural perspectives. This scientific work includes carrying out studies and developing conceptually new approaches to the issues. 


The work of SCI4climate.NRW focuses on four topic areas:

  • Topic 1: Technology and infrastructure (Fraunhofer UMSICHT)
  • Topic 2: Products and supply chains (RWTH Aachen, Chair of Operations Management)
  • Topic 3: Scenarios and transformation pathways (Wuppertal Institute)
  • Topic 4: General conditions and business models (IW Köln - German Economic Institute)

SCI4climate.NRW is the name of the scientific competence center of IN4climate.NRW