The think tank for a climate-neutral future for industry

As a unique nationwide platform in Germany where industry, the scientific community and policymakers work in collaboration, IN4climate.NRW offers an opportunity to develop innovative strategies to ensure that the industrial sector is climate neutral.

Industry accounts for 22.4 per cent of NRW’s carbon emissions (2019 figure). Radically new production processes and procedures, as well as improved infrastructures and general conditions, are indispensable for a competitive and, at the same time, climate-neutral industrial region. The Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia launched the IN4climate.NRW initiative in order to shape this process of change alongside companies, the scientific community and state government. As a working platform, IN4climate.NRW is a key driver for the transformation process needed by industry – and this involves collaboration not only in NRW, but also at a national level in Germany and at the level of international joint projects.


What does IN4climate.NRW do?

As a think tank, IN4climate.NRW shares its vision of the practical measures needed to make industry climate neutral. The key area of the initiative’s work are new technologies and innovative approaches to developing a competitive and sustainable economy.


On the path to climate-neutral industry

This fundamental transformation of industry demands high investment on the part of companies. They need safe investment and reliable help and support to enable them to survive as trailblazers on the global market. That is why IN4climate.NRW, alongside experts from industry, science and policy-making, is developing specific measures to ensure climate-neutral production processes and supply chains, both in terms of the necessary infrastructures and the general political and social conditions.


IN4climate.NRW’s targets and responsibilities

  • Pointing out the key areas where research is needed, including identifying fields of innovation and research for climate-neutral industrial production
  • Developing and encouraging ideas for research projects
  • Exploring scientific and technical strategies to maintain the sustainability of the industrial region
  • Carrying out technological studies in compliance with the general regulatory and political framework
  • Identifying potential and consistent product-specific developmental steps
  • Identifying infrastructure needs
  • Designing innovation road maps to implement springboard innovations
  • Designing and discussing funding instruments
  • Facilitating the cost-effective manufacture of climate-friendly products

How does IN4climate.NRW work?

IN4climate.NRW is set up as a working platform for knowledge-sharing and dialogue. Around 40 companies and associations involved in the steel and metal sectors, the chemical and cement industries and the production of glass, paper and building materials, as well as six research institutes are taking part in the initiative. 


Creativity, the economy and science working hand-in-hand

An innovation team is developing ideas and measures for making the industrial sector climate neutral in collaboration with working groups. The groups currently focus on the topics inherent in the group names - hydrogen, industrial process heat, carbon dioxide mitigation, the circular economy, and the general political framework. The organisational threads converge at the IN4climate.NRW office. In addition, the process is accompanied by a Strategy Board at the managing director and ministry level. The SCI4climate.NRW centre of excellence supports the process at the scientific level and investigates the creative and developmental potential of climate-friendly raw materials.

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Project Management

Portrait des Teamleiters Projektmanagement für Industrie und Produktion Dr. Michael Walther. Im Hintergrund sind eine große Glasfront sowie zwei dunkelgrüne Sofas zu sehen.

Dr Michael Walther

Team Leader Project Management

Phone: +49 209 408 599-17

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Portrait der Projektmanagerin Industrie und Produktion Dr. Iris Rieth in einem Raum mit industriellem Design.

Dr Iris Rieth

Team Leader Project Management Industry and Production

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Portrait der Projektmanagerin Industrie und Produktion Tania Begemann vor einer Glasfront.

Tania Begemann

Project Manager Industry and Production

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Portrait des Projektmanagers Industrie und Produktion Dr. Stefan Herrig vor einer großen Glasfront.

Dr Stefan Herrig

Project Manager Industry and Production

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Portrait der Projektmanagerin Industrie und Produktion Barbro Roensch-Hasselhorn vor einer großen Glasfront.

Barbro Rönsch-Hasselhorn

Project Manager Industry and Production (Funding Management)

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Innovation Team

Portrait des Leiters Innovationsteam 1 Prof. Dr. Görge Deerberg. Im Hintergrund stehen zwei dunkle Sofas.

Prof. Dr Görge Deerberg

Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Head of Innovation Team

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Portrait des Leiters Innovationsteam 2 Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick.

Prof. Dr Manfred Fischedick

Wuppertal Institut, Head of Innovation Team

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Dr Christoph Sievering

Covestro AG, Co-lead Innovation Team

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Dr Hans-Jörn Weddige

thyssenkrupp Steel, Co-lead Innovation Team

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Portrait des wissenschaftlichen Leiters Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechtenböhmer. Im Hintergrund ist ein offener Raum im industriellen Design zu sehen.

Prof. Dr Stefan Lechtenböhmer

Wuppertal Institut, Scientific direction

Phone: +49 202 24922-16

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Portrait der Koordinatorin Innovationsteam & AGs Dr. Anna Leipprand. Im Hintergrund sind eine große Glasfront sowie zwei dunkelgrüne Sofas zu sehen.

Dr Anna Leipprand

Wuppertal Institut, Project leader

Phone: +49 202 24923-24

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Coordination SCI4climate.NRW / IN4climate.NRW

Portrait des Leiters Innovationsteam & AGs Dr. Christoph Glasner vor einer großen Glasfront und zwei dunkelgrünen Sofas.

Dr Christoph Glasner

Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Coordination Innovation Team & AGs

Phone: +49 208 859 811-33

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Katharina Knoop

Wuppertal Institut, Coordination Innovation Team & AGs

Phone: +49 202 24922-66

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Max Hochstein

Project Manager IN4climate.RR

Phone: +49 211 8220 866-11

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Christian Krause

Project Manager IN4climate.RR

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Christin Meier

Project Manager IN4climate.RR

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