Deep geothermal energy

Deep geothermal energy for a climate-neutral NRW

Geothermal energy or geothermics refers to heat stored beneath the earth’s surface. The further down the heat is stored, the higher the temperature.

There is so much energy within the sub-surface of the earth that it could cover the world’s energy needs for 30 million years. This is why it's often referred to as an infinite or renewable heat source. When discussing deep geothermal energy, we're talking about deposits more than 400 metres underground. The high temperatures present at these depths can either be used as a direct supply of heat or as a means to produce electricity. Based on current information, carbonate and sandstone rock from the Carboniferous and Devonian periods and sandstone and limestone from the Mesozoic period appear to be the most promising sources of considerable geothermal energy. The current EU-funded “Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy in NWE” project should shed further light on the potential of deep geothermal energy in NRW. Moreover, it will also play an important role in replacing fossil fuel energy production with deep geothermal energy.

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