Supply security

The energy system of the future places renewable energy at the forefront. This poses a particular challenge for the industrial state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Until now, the federal state has been highly dependent on the fossil fuel coal. 

A secure energy supply is indispensable for the energy system of the future. To ensure this, the networks must be expanded quickly so that green electricity can reach consumers reliably, even over long distances. Simultaneously, the expansion of renewable energy sources must be significantly accelerated. 


Reliable and affordable energy in all sectors

An important component in the energy system of the future are gas-fired power plants with combined heat and power generation, which will soon also be able to use hydrogen. They reliably supply heat and power, even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Cogeneration not only makes use of electricity but also of the heat produced as the fuel used is combusted. This is particularly efficient. The prospective use of green hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources will considerably further improve the climate balance. This will help make it possible to guarantee a reliable and affordable energy supply in all sectors. Additionally, storage facilities are needed to hold energy in the form of power, heat or gas and make it available when needed. 


The Energy Supply Strategy as a guideline

The federal state government set the path to a secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply in North Rhine-Westphalia with its Energy Supply Strategy, which was updated in December 2021. This strategy sets the energy policy priorities for the coming years and contains concrete measures and requirements that could successfully accelerate the transformation of the energy system. The goal is to make the energy system of the future a reality in North Rhine-Westphalia by 2030. This is to be achieved through a massive expansion of wind and photovoltaics, the construction of climate-neutral gas-fired power plants with a secure supply, accelerated and integrated expansion of network infrastructures as well as intelligent and digital sector coupling, among other things. 

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