The energy transition can only succeed if we work together. 

For the energy transition to succeed, renewable energy must be significantly expanded. However, residents living near wind turbines and grid infrastructure are often sceptical of the necessary expansion measures. 

In the energy system of the future, electricity will no longer be centrally produced at a power plant, but will also emanate from many decentralised generation units. Electricity from wind turbines in particular often has to travel long distances to get to where it is needed. This is especially true for offshore wind energy, which is produced in the north but consumed in the south and west. Routes have to be built to transport it. 


Shaping the energy transition together

In addition to grid expansion, however, more wind energy and photovoltaic plants or hydroelectric power plants must be built overall to be able to meet the rising demand for electricity from renewable energy. However, local residents who are critical of expansion in their own neighbourhoods often object to this, causing many important projects to be delayed. 


NRW.Energy4Climate wants to involve citizens in the energy transition, thereby increasing acceptance and reducing apprehension. To achieve this, transparent dialogue is to be established between citizens, politicians, project developers and municipalities. For one thing, this supports the project developers in their planned energy and climate protection activities and, for another, also promotes citizen participation. This is the only way conflicts can be resolved.


Ways to enter into dialogue can include expert discussions and lectures at citizens' meetings, information events and the creation of virtual discussion spaces.

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Portrait des Projektmanagers für Energiewirtschaft Georg Unger. Im Hintergrund ist eine große Glasfront zu sehen.

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Matthias Schneider

Project Manager Energy Sector

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