System development plan

An integrated approach to energy 

In order to achieve climate protection goals, we must convert and expand the various energy infrastructures. It is therefore important to perform integrated and cross-sector planning of the entire energy supply system. 

The importance of integrated planning for the energy system has increased again after the amendment of the German Climate Protection Act in 2021 and the objectives of the new federal government administration. To successfully implement this accelerated transformation process, the German energy agency (dena) recommends introducing a system development plan. The future development process should start before planning the electricity, gas and hydrogen networks and serve as the foundation for further planning processes. The conception of a system development plan is being carried out in close coordination between politics, business, science and society. And this is precisely what makes it so special. The energy system is viewed as a total system that is being redesigned in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary process. 


Development through public participation for maximum acceptance

The aim of the system development plan is to stimulate social discourse even before planning infrastructure. The results will be incorporated into further integrated infrastructure planning, such as for the conversion and expansion of electricity, gas and hydrogen networks. This participatory approach will ensure that the necessary transformation process is based on broad societal consent. Furthermore, this integrated approach is intended to enable more effective and efficient planning of future infrastructure and to achieve the highest possible level of acceptance for infrastructure measures. 

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