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Introducing the new regional agency for energy and climate protection

Who are we?

Torrential rain, flooding, droughts and heat waves – the changes in the climate of North Rhine-Westphalia are already making themselves felt in a very significant way. To limit any further increase in global warming, we have to do all we can to become climate neutral as quickly as possible. As one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe, NRW has a special responsibility in this respect. This is why the region aims to be net zero by 2045. This goal poses tremendous challenges for Germany’s most densely populated federal state. Society, policymakers, economists and scientists will have to tackle these challenges together. As an industrialised state, the changeover to becoming climate neutral involves enormous effort. By founding NRW.Energy4Climate to take on this task, the state of NRW has restructured its support system to implement the measures needed to protect the climate and implement the energy transition for the future.


The aim is to drastically reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously strengthening North Rhine-Westphalia for the future as a prime location for manufacturing and service provision. In its role as a key driving force behind this effort, NRW.Energy4Climate draws together all the might and resources of the four most highly-polluting sectors – the energy sector, manufacturing and the building and transport sectors, which are jointly responsible for more than 90 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in NRW. The plan is to accelerate the transition across all sectors, so that North Rhine-Westphalia is able to achieve its goal of climate neutrality as quickly as possible.

häftsführer Ulf Reichardt verschränkt die Arme vor der Brust und lächelt in die Kamera.

“Climate protection is the most urgent challenge of our times. It is imperative to ramp up the transition process in all sectors so that NRW becomes climate neutral and a pioneer of the energy transition as quickly as possible,” says Ulf C. Reichardt, Chairman of the Board.

We can’t do all this alone. We need everyone’s help and support to take on this century-long task. We are convinced that future success can only be achieved by working together. Now it’s up to us all to reduce emissions to a level that is in line with the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. We don’t have much time left. So let’s all get a move on and demonstrate the opportunities this transition can provide!

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